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I was recently given some colouring pencils and so I thought  using them on a zine would be a perfect opportunity. Another example of how well making small, test zines is a great way of working for me- it just opens up my freedom to play and frees me from the pressure of a ‘final thing’.

I also want to work on my scene building/ backgrounds. I think I can often only focus on the main thing and forget about the detail of the background. This is something I want to work on as I actually think the background and the items around the main focus can provide so much information and context, supporting the main thing. The balance I will find is providing a complex, detailed image (when that’s what I’m going for) without distracting away from the main focal point.

A large inspiration for this was Sally Nixon’s illustrations of women doing every day things when no one is watching…

There are no blank areas in the images, each little section is thought out, right down to the grains in the wood or a jazzy pattern of some clothing. The level of detail makes the images believable and the scenery adds to tell the story about the person. For example, the choice of wooden walls and the stripey bedspread tells us something about the character/ personality of the woman, where as a flowery wallpaper would tell us something different, building up our interpretation of the person and of their life.

“The scenes I create around them are everyday places: a bathroom, a restaurant, a messy bedroom. However my goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special and worthy of being viewed.” – Sally Nixon, The Creators Project.

Sally’s celebration of the every day is also something I relate to as that is where I get a lot of my own inspiration for my images.


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