Perspex Box

To present my 150 Bad Ass Women zines I need some kind of container to house them within the degree show space and allow people to access them without assistance, the container also needs to signal to people that they should be helping themselves and encourage them to do so.

I think it would  be best for me to create a clear perspex box with a door/ hatch. This will keep the zines on display, allowing people to see them from across the room, and the hatch will enable people to reach in and grab one whenever they like.

Like this…


Ideally I’d like to have the top of the box fitted with glass, rather than perspex, which will then be broken to reference the ‘glass ceiling effect’ and these women breaking that glass ceiling.



Speaking to the tech dems, building a perspex box is actually a highly-difficult fine craft and I would need to out-source the box.


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