Bee Stories


The bee book has arrived and I’m MUCH happier with it. There are pages where the colour has changed alot during printing so I need to look in to if that’s due to me exporting the PDF or if it’s the printer their end adjusting the colours.

I’d also like to put in a bit more detail. The book is quite small so I thought a lot of the detail would get lost however the areas where there is detail looks great.

I thought I might bind the book myself if I was pleased with the outcome however I now think that’s unnecessary and actually a bit untrue to the project. This book is a hypothesised mass-market book, hypothetically appearing in stores across the nation, so to hand bind the book myself would create an effect that doesn’t match this hypothesis. It should be printed and bound via machine to aid production.

I have however, chosen to include a packet of Foxglove seeds on the cover. I thought this could be a great addition to the book, even if it was mass produced, to encourage the readers to grow their own bee-friendly plants and hopefully make bee friends of their own. The books could even be sold in gardening stores, alongside the plants themselves.


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